Cost of Living in Round Rock,TX

Round Rock is a city situated in Central Texas that boasts a low cost of living in comparison to the national average. The price range of homes varies from around $175,000 to $480,000 based on the location.

However, individuals with lower incomes may still be able to find more economical housing options in the area. Groceries are estimated to cost about $349 per month, and utility bills for a 915-square-foot apartment average out to around $140 per month. Apart from these benefits, Round Rock also offers an array of amenities such as parks, shopping centers, and restaurants, making it an ideal place to reside.

In this article, we will delve into the specifics and break down the cost of living in Round Rock in detail.

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Cost of Living For People Who Rent In Round Rock

Cost of living One person Family of 4
Total with rent $2237 $5212
Without rent $716 $2476
Rent & Utilities $1521 $2736
Food $505 $1312
Transport $64.6 $168
Monthly salary after tax $6447
Quality of life 73
Population 119K

Cost of Eating Out in Round Rock

Eating Out Price
Lunch Menu $15
Dinner in a Restaurant, for 2 $50.5
Fast food meal, equiv. McDonald’s $7.96
Beer in a Pub, 0.5 L or 16 fl oz $6.94
Cappuccino $4.85
Pepsi / Coke, 0.5 L or 16.9 fl oz $1.57

Rent & Utilities Cost in Round Rock

Property Type Size Price
1 bedroom apartment in city Center 40 m2 or 430 ft2 $1447
Cheap 1 bedroom apartment 40 m2 or 430 ft2 $1352
3 bedroom apartment in city Center 80 m2 or 860 ft2 $2722
Cheap 3 bedroom apartment 80 m2 or 860 ft2 $2499
Utility Bill one person electricity, heating, water, etc. $78.4
Utility Bill for a Family electricity, heating, water, etc. $120
Internet plan, 50 Mbps+ 1 month unlimited $71.5
Mortgage Interest Rate for 20 Years 5.46%
Apartment price to Buy in city Center 1 m2 or 10 ft2 $2160
House price to Buy in Suburbs 1 m2 or 10 ft2 $2849

Transportation Cost in Round Rock

Transportation Cost
Local transport ticket $3
Monthly ticket local transport $84.5
Taxi Ride, 8 km or 5 mi $16.9
Gas / Petrol, 1 L or 0.26 gal $0.73

Income & Real Estate in Round Rock

Round Rock Job Market

Information Round Rock
Job Growth Positive
Jobs Increase 3.5% over the past year
Average Salary $70,952
Median Home Cost $431,900
Best Paying Jobs Architecture, Engineering ($78,750)
Worst Paying Jobs Farming, Fishing, Forestry ($5,833)
Highest Paying Industry Jobs Mining, Quarrying, and Oil and Gas Extraction ($92,188)
Lowest Paying Industry Jobs Accommodation and Food Services ($14,762)
Average Income of Residents $31,844 (compared to USA: $31,177)
Unemployment Rate 4.8 (lower than USA: 6)

Round Rock, TX is a technology hub with a strong partnership with Dell Computers and local start-ups. Aside from tech jobs, there are also opportunities in medical professions, retail, and teaching positions. Dell Children’s Medical Center is also located in Round Rock.

Job Market By Employer

Employer Nonfarm Payroll Sector Number of Employees
H-E-B Grocery Company, LP Wholesale & Retail Trade 18,035
University of Texas at Austin Government 16,800
Dell Technologies Inc. Professional & Business Services 14,030
City of Austin Government 13,531
Federal Government Government 13,199
Ascension Seton Education & Health Services 11,227
St. David’s HealthCare Education & Health Services 10,665
Samsung Austin Semiconductor Manufacturing 8,935
Walmart Inc. Wholesale & Retail Trade 7,500
Apple Inc. Manufacturing 7,000

Round Rock Housing Market

The average value of a home in Round Rock is currently $447,461, which is a 0.3% decrease compared to the previous year. Homes in the area typically go under contract in about 54 days.

Median Home Value By Neighborhoods in Round Rock

Neighborhoods in Round Rock Median
Sunrise Vista
Chapel Hill North $309,660
Mesa Park $313,517
Eggers Acres $341,498
Jester Farms $359,223
The Settlement $332,725
Greenhill $291,654
Mesa Ridge $318,572
Downtown Round Rock $321,178