8 Best Places to Buy Moving Boxes

In the process of relocation, an individual must meticulously strategize and carry out several sequential actions. One of the frequently disregarded actions is the acquisition of top-notch receptacles designated for transporting personal belongings. While some individuals might acquire containers from acquaintances or workplaces, these boxes have already undergone usage and are thus substandard in terms of sturdiness and efficiency.

Instead of utilizing containers that have undergone multiple usages, it would be wise to peruse the following options to determine the optimal locale to purchase receptacles ideal for transportation. These vendors offer an assortment of alternatives such as economical receptacles suitable for one-time use during relocation, robust receptacles designed for extended usage, or bespoke receptacles for safeguarding valuable mementos, flat-screen TVs, or delicate culinary items.

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The subsequent retailers are recommended for your consideration when searching for optimal receptacles designated for relocation purposes:


Founded in 1945, Walmart’s initial physical store was not established until 1962. The retail giant’s mission was to procure suppliers with low-cost provisions in order to sell its merchandise at a reasonable price and stimulate high sales volume. Presently, Walmart is one of the world’s fastest-growing enterprises and is favored by budget-conscious shoppers due to its provision of goods at a cost lower than many competitors. Its vast inventory encompasses an extensive array of moving boxes in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. Customers can acquire specialized containers designed for securely packaging delicate glassware or can alternatively purchase wholesale quantities of medium and large receptacles that can accommodate the entire contents of a household.

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Established in 1994, Amazon was originally called Cadabra, Inc. However, the company swiftly changed its name after it was mistaken for the word “cadaver.” The company initially concentrated on selling books over the internet, but as the website rapidly grew in popularity, it diversified its products, transitioning into its current incarnation. Presently, Amazon is a multifaceted online publisher, video-streaming service, and shipping company. It continues to be one of the most lucrative online retailers, selling an impressive variety of products, from groceries to appliances.

Amazon’s vast recognition and popularity have encouraged numerous manufacturers and smaller retailers to the online retail giant, where they use the online space to sell their products. This diverse marketplace offers customers searching for moving boxes with numerous options from which to choose, including the size, style, and even the specific manufacturer, allowing them to purchase high-quality products to facilitate their move.

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Lowe’s, a big-box home improvement store, was founded in 1921, much earlier than its competitor, The Home Depot. Like The Home Depot, Lowe’s offers a diverse range of products, including tools, outdoor furniture, appliances, and packing supplies. Although it may not have the largest selection of moving boxes, Lowe’s offers high-quality options that can be paired with a variety of packing supplies available in-store. These supplies include packing tape, heavy-duty plastic wrap, packing paper, moving blankets, packing foam, and dish or glass kits for fragile glassware.

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U-Haul was founded in 1945 as a trailer rental business that later expanded through franchising with gas stations. With a $5,000 investment, the company started out in a garage owned by the founder’s in-laws and grew to more than 10,000 U-Haul trailers nationwide within 10 years. Today, U-Haul is a major player in the moving industry, and even assists UPS, USPS, and FedEx during the busy December holiday season. Unsurprisingly, U-Haul offers a variety of moving box products, including different sizes for small, medium, large, and extra-large items, as well as boxes designed specifically for glassware, TVs, wine, and even wardrobe items.

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Office Depot

The esteemed purveyor of office supplies, known as Office Depot, was established in 1986, originating from a humble store situated in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. Through various mergers and acquisitions, including but not limited to Office Club, Viking Direct, and OfficeMax, Office Depot has transcended beyond the domestic confines of the United States, evolving into the ODP Corporation, an entity of international repute.

Office Depot engages in the production and dissemination of a diverse range of office supplies, consisting of moving box products which offer the means to safely and securely store sensitive office documents and other similar materials. These moving boxes, designed by Office Depot, are equipped with thick and sturdy cardboard foundations and walls to fortify against the perils of damage and collapsing during the movement of said boxes.


Staples offers a selection of commodities which fall under the domain of office, school, and business, inclusive of a limited but decent spectrum of packing and moving supplies. Customers can acquire safety gloves, furniture straps, wardrobe hanging bars, furniture pads, and an assortment of moving boxes at Staples’ establishments.

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Thrift Mode

When it comes to moving, purchasing brand new boxes can quickly add up and become quite costly. Another alternative to consider is finding used cardboard boxes from supermarkets or other retail chains. Many of these stores receive regular shipments and often dispose of the boxes once they are emptied. By checking with store managers or employees, you may be able to secure a good number of boxes for free or at a low cost. It’s an eco-friendly option that can also help you save some money during the moving process. However, be sure to inspect the boxes carefully before use to ensure that they are still in good condition and strong enough to hold your belongings.


The Home Depot

Apart from providing an extensive range of home improvement products, appliances, and installation services, The Home Depot also sells high-quality moving products known for their durability. Although the prices may be slightly higher compared to other suppliers, the heavy-duty moving boxes from The Home Depot are unlikely to fail during a move if they are packed properly.

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Forget About Everything And Hire A Packing Company Do Packing For You

Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming process, especially when it comes to packing your belongings. However, you can make the transition easier by hiring a professional packing company to handle the task for you. By entrusting your packing needs to experts, you can forget about everything and let them take care of the packing process. A packing company can provide you with a variety of services, including packing, labeling, and even unpacking your items in your new home. This can save you valuable time and energy, as well as give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are packed safely and efficiently. While this may come with an additional cost, the benefits of having a packing company do the packing for you are well worth the investment. So if you want to simplify your move, consider hiring a packing company to take care of the packing process for you.

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